Episode 10

Grow Your Team

Today's video discussed the importance of bringing new people to the organisation, different types of team members and recruitment methods. The further reading will focus on the differences between bringing in volunteers versus paid staff.

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Further Reading

Engaging with volunteers can be a reasonably organic process. You can have a volunteer section on your website and run volunteer ads via social media. You may also get ad-hoc emails from people who want to donate their time to support your social enterprise. Across Ireland, there are also many different volunteer platforms. You may want to register your social enterprise with these platforms as it will increase your reach. A couple of such organisations are listed in the resource sections bel...

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What's your management style? Managers can develop self-awareness by soliciting feedback or taking a behavioural assessment. This quiz is rooted in analyses made by the Predictive Index Science team.
The national volunteer development organisation and a support body for all local Volunteer Centres in Ireland. 
An online portal for volunteering in Wicklow. An independent organisation working with volunteers and volunteer-involving organisations.


These activities will help you to log support organisations that could be helpful to your social enterprise and think about the skills development within your team. What skills are underdeveloped? Who could you bring into your team to make you stronger?

Episode Summary

It can be scary to think about bringing new people on board. The idea and organisation are so heavily linked to you as the social entrepreneur that it's natural to feel a little resistant out of a need to protect your 'baby'. Take it one step at a time; bringing new people on board does not mean you will lose control of the organisation. A larger team will increase your capacity and reach as an organisation in the long run if well managed.
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